When can I expect my my order?


Approximate delivery times can be found under the shipping info link.




Why is my e-mail address and phone # required when ordering?


An email and phone # is required so we can contact you in cases of issues with your order. We do not share your e-mail address with any outside company or source.



Do you ship outside the United States?


We only ship within Canada, US and US territories. Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.




Can I purchase a sample of an item?


Unfortunately, samples are not available at the moment.



Is everything in stock?


Most items are in stock and will get processed within a day or two. Occasionally, when an item is temporarily out of stock, we will contact you within 24 - 48 hrs.



Is my personal information secure?


An encrypted shopping cart is used to ensure that personal information, including credit card information, is secure.  Your personal information is only used for internal purposes.

Do you offer express shipping?

 We do not offer express shipping. All orders are shipped either ground service or priority mail via the US post office.  The shipping method will be determined by fleecequeen based on the size of the order. Most orders 1-3 yards are shipped via the US post office and orders of 4 yards or more are shipped ground service.


 What is the minimum yardage I can purchase?

We have just a 1 yard  or 1 panel minimum.  We do not sell partial yards. For example  1 3/4   or 1 1/2.


What happens after an order is placed?

An order # should appear at the very end of your transaction. An email is also sent with a copy of your receipt.  Please be sure to check junk email boxes as emails may get sent to junk/spam or bulk email boxes. You will not receive a notice when your order is shipped. Please review our shipping info link for approximate delivery times.

Can changes be made to my order after it has been submitted?

Some orders process and ship out immediately. To make changes to an order, please contact us via email before your package is shipped out. Once an order has been cut and shipped, there can be no changes made to an order.